Molly Medusa gets a PC version – That’s Gaming

After two months exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit is making its way to Steam as a PC game later this year. Molly Medusa is a gravity-defying 3D adventure in which everyone turns to stone. Five huge temples offer intricately connected passageways and a metroidvania-style design, where “local gravity” means that any surface can be a floor.

“We started with a Switch version,” says solo game developer Niklas Hallin, “just for fun! Let the game start its life on consoles and later move it to PC. In the time between the two launches, I saw many people playing the game, on YouTube and so on, and I took careful notes,” Niklas says and continues:

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“That’s why the PC version comes with ‘camera moddability,’ meaning that some camera settings (such as how zoomed in and how fast it moves) can be edited by the user via a small text file in the game’s folder. Increasing the camera distance to 120% is not bad!”

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