A 6,250-euro solar electric car will arrive in Europe in 2023

Customers in Europe can pre-order an affordable solar electric car called Squad.

The vehicle is produced by the startup Squad Mobility from the Netherlands, the country that also hosts a solar car manufacturer, Lightyear.

Squad has two seats and looks like a golf cart. The model was designed for cities and costs, in the basic version, 6,250 euros. The low price brings with it a number of limitations. The car will not exceed a maximum speed of 45 km / h. The good news is that Squad can be used by those who do not have a driver’s license.

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Another advantage of the Squad is that it can be parked perpendicular to the axis of the road, like a motorcycle. The model was designed as a second vehicle of the family, in addition to the conventional one, ideal for solving business in the neighborhood.

Squad offers multiple battery charging options

The maximum range of the vehicle, with fully charged batteries, will be 100 km. The solar panel on the roof can offer a range of 20 km per day when it is sunny. Squad can also be charged at city or home stations, like any other electric car.

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electric car
There is enough storage space on board the car.

Inside we find luggage storage space, cup holders, a USB port and a phone holder. The passenger seat can be folded down to provide more luggage space. Doors can be removed if users wish.

The car was also designed for ride-sharing companies. According to Squad Mobility, the vehicles could be used as electric scooters from Lime, for example, through an application.

Electric cars equipped with solar panels are gaining ground. At the moment, several models are available on pre-order, including Aptera or Zion.

Photo: Squad Mobility

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