Home Finance 776 million Dogecoins transferred in 24 hours and 4 billion this week

776 million Dogecoins transferred in 24 hours and 4 billion this week


@DogeWhaleAlert has spotted several transactions that pushed massive amounts of DOGE. A total of nearly 780 million coins were moved. The Binance exchange was among the recipients.

Earlier this week, nearly 4 billion Dogecoins were moved in total.

776 million DOGEs in motion

Transaction tracker DOGE reported on Twitter that in the last 24 hours, half a dozen transfers were detected for a total of 776 million Dogecoins.

These funds were transferred in blocks ranging from 70 million to 290 million DOGE. The smallest amounts transferred were 72.3 million and 74.3 million Dogecoins. The largest amount transferred was 291 million.

A total of 291,143,830 DOGEs worth $24,846,214 were sent to the Binance exchange from an anonymous portfolio. Amounts of 122,586,585 and 108,369,665 were moved between anonymous addresses. Three transactions, carrying approximately 255 million Dogecoins, were made to multiple top 20 DOGE wallets, according to @DogeWhaleAlert.

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On August 15, as shared by @DogeWhaleAlert, a total of 3,626,448,978 was transferred. This mass of Dogecoin is equivalent to $258,900,035.

On June 1, Binance CZ tweeted that the “proof of assets” was finally integrated for BSC-based tokens on its exchange – DOGE, XRP and a few others. At the time, 1,400,000,000 Dogecoin packaged on Binance Smart Chain were held by over 649,132 addresses.

Here’s how much Dogecoin Robinhood holds.

Prior to the aforementioned tweets, the same source shared data regarding the amount of Dogecoins stored in its wallets by the popular trading app Robinhood run by Vlad Tenev.

According to this data, Robinhood currently holds 39,788,383,719 DOGE on behalf of its investors. This amount of crypto is valued at $3,377,516,529, which constitutes 29.99% of the outstanding supply of Dogecoin.

DOGE loses leadership to SHIB on Twitter, but still has Elon Musk.

The number of followers of the second largest currency, Shiba Inu, has reversed that of Dogecoin on Twitter. SHIB now has 3.44 million followers compared to 3.43 million for Dogecoin’s official account.

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However, Dogecoin retains its leadership position in terms of market cap value on CoinMarketCap against Shiba Inu – 10th place versus 12th place. Also, unlike Shiba Inu, Dogecoin has Elon Musk as its biggest and most influential supporter.

As a reminder, Tesla recently integrated DOGE as a payment method for merchandise in its online store. In his recent tweet, Musk announced that he will continue to support Dogecoin and continue to buy it.

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