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NOTE: This article contains spoilers for the ending, credits scenes and story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You have been warned.

Now we’re jumping the gun a bit with this article, but from the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it looks like Insomniac is leaving the door open for some more Spidey adventures. Whether that comes in the form of another Miles Morales game or a mainline in the series is unknown, but given the success Sony has seen from these games so far, it would be a big misstep to leave them alone.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 delivered a host of villains. Sand Man, the Lizard, Kraven the Hunter and, of course, Venom. The latter two stand out as the main villains in the game, but with Kraven literally being chewed to pieces by Venom and the Symbiot himself seemingly destroyed by the end of the game, there’s plenty of room for another major threat to come to New York. The only question is: Who will be the next big villain in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Our first option is one of, if not the most iconic villain still untouched by the games. The Green Goblin. As we see in the credits scene for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Norman Osborne wants to cure Harry’s condition using something called G-Serum. In the comics, it is Norman who uses this serum, which gives him super powers, but also turns him into the insane Green Goblin. However, it seems Insomniac is preparing Harry for this role. It makes sense, but it would feel a bit like stepping over old ground. If Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 made Harry just another villain because of an untested cure, it would be repetitive. We’ve already had that with Venom, and while it would be interesting to see how Peter reacts to derailing his best friend again, it’s hard to imagine him doing anything other than trying to help Harry fix himself again.

There’s always the chance that the G-Serum will go to Norman after all, which at least wouldn’t make Harry the bad guy again, but at least it certainly looks like we’ll get the Green Goblin in some form, which is great because it will be the first time we’ve seen the classic villain outside of comics and animated material since Willem Dafoe played him. There is also the chance that if Harry is the one who goes crazy with the G-Serum that we will also have to deal with Hobgoblin instead of the Green Goblin, but Insomniac has been known to change certain character archetypes in the past, so no matter who gets the G-Serum, it is possible that we are still going to see a Green Goblin over the less recognizable Hobgoblin.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Anyway, that’s enough goblin talk for now. As we’ve seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man and its sequel, Insomniac likes to have two main villains in its stories. Mr. Negative and Doctor Octopus. Kraven and Venom. One takes up most of the game, while the other comes in for a killer third act. So this means that if Green Goblin is only one of the two, we have at least one more hole to fill, in addition to some additional villains to sprinkle in.

Carnage is the other iconic Spider-Man villain who gets a tease at the end of The Flame’s side missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The cult leader known as The Flame runs off with a sample of the Venom symbiote and outright says he’s going to cause carnage, so that makes it pretty clear where his character is headed. There are theories that we could get an expansion with Carnage, which could certainly work, but there’s also the option open for Insomniac to explore him and the cult storyline they built in another game.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

There is also a very small chance that Venom will return. We wouldn’t put it past Insomniac to revive one of Spider-Man’s most beloved characters, especially if Carnage gets a focus later on. Whether helping the villain or teaming up with Spider-Man against him, fans would love to see Venom again, especially after the impression he left the first time around.

Aside from these options, with so many villains being killed or reformed by Kraven in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we’re running out of options a bit. There is the chance that Doc Ock makes his return, which would probably cause trauma for Peter, like Mr. Negative did to Miles in the second game, but other than that, there aren’t many options. Black Cat has always been more of an anti-hero than an outright villain. We could see Taskmaster return, but a lot of work would have to be done to make him a serious threat like Kraven or Venom. Morbius is a classic Spider-Man villain who could come out of the woodwork, but after the gruesome Jared Leto film, even Insomniac might not be able to get us hyped for that one.

Who do you think will be the main villain of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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