ZetaChain raises $27M for its layer1 blockchain EVM

ZetaChaina startup developing a L1 network to connect multiple channels including Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dogecoinhas completed a tour de table with Blockchain.com, Jane Street and others.

A new blockchain layer1 should soon be launched. Wednesday, ZetaChain announced that it has raised funds to accelerate the development of its network compatible EVM and focused Cross-Chain Apps.

Sound financing round from 30 million dollars includes major investors Blockchain.com, Human Capital, Jane Street Capital, VistaLabs, CMT DigitalFoundation Capital, GSR or Sky9 Capital.

ZetaChain is presented as a blockchain “that connects everything. “Create interoperable dApps that span any blockchain, including Bitcoin,” the startup proclaims on its website.

With its blockchain, the company aims to establish a new interoperability standard allowing users to access all their assets from a single location. single platformand this, regardless of the chain on which they were created, all without the need for bridges or wrapped tokens. Supported networks also include Cosmos and Dogecoin.

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“The omnichain smart contract layer ZetaChain’s compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine enables developers to seamlessly implement Bitcoin smart contracts “, reads a statement.

The testnet launched last year has since welcomed 1.7 million users and recorded nearly 15 million transactions, according to the startup.

Our next steps are focused on launching the core network and growing our ecosystem of dApps,” ZetaChain said, without giving a date.

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