ZetaChain launches its omnichain blockchain mainnet

The mainnet from Zetachaina compatible network EVM-Cosmosbased on omnichain smart contracts and well fundedis now at line.

Zetachainthe startup behind the blockchain network of the same name, announced on Wednesday the launch of its product’s mainnet.

Presented as an EVM-Cosmos-compatible Layer 1 blockchain, ZetaChain offers the possibility of connecting all blockchains, including non-native smart contract chains such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

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The project, which raised $27 million this summer from Blockchain.com and Jane Street, prides itself on being a pioneer in implementing the concept of “chain abstraction” by serving as the base layer for web3.

With its so-called “omnichain” smart contracts, developers can design “truly interoperable” applications. DApps connect to any part of the ecosystem, offering users “simple, transparent and secure access to all cryptocurrencies”.

Today is an important milestone in our mission to connect all crypto-currencies conveniently and securely. We’ve already proven the omnichain experience with high-quality projects and millions of testnet users, and the launch of mainnet allows us to massively scale our work,” trumpeted Ankur Nandwani, ZetaChain’s lead contributor.

During its testnet period, ZetaChain generated over 14 million cross-chain transactions for more than 3 million users, according to a press release.

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Following the mainnet rollout, several crypto exchanges, including giant Coinbase, listed ZETA, the L1 native token.

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