StarkWare and Buterin invest in Kakarot zkEVM

Kakarot Labsa start-up company offering a zkEVM built above CairoVMhas completed a tour de table with Starkware, Vitalik Buterin and others.

Founded in autumn 2022 by Frenchmen Clément Walter and Elias Tazartes, Kakarot Labs built a zkEVM named Kakarot and based on Cairoa turing-complete language associated with the CPU architecture CairoVM from Starkware. The solution exploits STARK to guarantee transparency and safety.

On Friday, the project announced a financing round of an undisclosed amount, including the participation of la licorne Starkwareventure studio LambdaClass and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Other business angels, such as Ramzi Laieb of Carbonable and Nicolas Bacca of Ledger, also put their money in the pot.

The startup also unveiled its roadmap and indicated that Kakarot would initially exist as aEVM within Starknet L2.

The aim of Phase 1 is to bring EVM to Starknet, enabling developers to create and deploy EVM applications seamlessly. It opens the doors to a whole new range of possibilities and expands the Starknet ecosystem,” wrote Kakarot.

The phase 2 will consist of combining Kakarot with the Starknet sequencer Madara to create a layer 3 zkEVM. Finally, the phase 3 will be dedicated to the activation of a zkEVM type 1.

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Kakarot zkEVM allows teams to create and launch EVM applications. Developers can deploy any Solidity (or EVM-compatible language) on Kakarot, just as they would on Ethereum or Polygon. […] Ultimately, Kakarot will provide theinteroperability with Starknet’s native protocols and composability between protocols, for example, combining TVL in DeFi and user base in GameFi explains the project on its blog.

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