Zelensky puts the number of “liberated” areas in the Kharkov region at “more than 30”.

The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has assured that “more than 30” areas of the Kharkov region have been “liberated” since the beginning at the end of August of a counteroffensive with which Ukrainian forces want to recover the ground lost to the Russians.

Zelenski, who had already assured this week that progress was being made, has put figures on the areas already under full control of his troops. He hopes to continue advancing “gradually” to return the Ukrainian flag to the localities taken by Russia.

In an address to the nation, the president has urged the inhabitants of these territories to inform the Ukrainian military of the crimes committed by the “occupiers”, with the aim of gathering as much evidence as possible.

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However, the governor of Kharkov, Oleg Sinegubov, has urged the population who had fled the now “liberated” areas not to return for the time being, due to the destruction of key infrastructure and the poor state of basic supplies, UNIAN agency reports.

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