Zelensky calls for “painful” sanctions for Russia in the face of new packages by the West that he considers “insufficient”

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The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has requested broader and “really painful” sanctions for Russia late on Wednesday in the face of the new packages imposed by the United States and the European Union, which he describes as “insufficient”.

“Western countries have announced a new sanctions package against Russia. New investments are blocked, restrictions are applied against several banks in Russia, personal sanctions are added, as well as other restrictions. This package looks spectacular. But it is not enough “, Zelensky indicated in his speech, as reported in a statement on the official website of the Presidency.

Thus, he reiterated that Ukraine will continue to “insist on a total blockade of the Russian banking system”, which will hinder its movement in international finance, as well as the purchase of hard oil in the Western democratic world.

“The embargo on Russian oil supplies will apply anyway. The format will be found. The only question is how many more Ukrainian men and women the Russian military will have time to kill, so that you some politicians – and we know you – can take a little determination somewhere,” he said.

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In his opinion, “if there is no really painful package of sanctions against Russia and if there is no supply of weapons”, something that the Ukrainian president has highlighted that the country needs, this “will be considered by Russia as a permit”. “A permission to go further”, he added.

“Now is a key moment for those citizens of Russia: you have to demand – exactly demand – an end to the war. It is better now, demanding peace, to lose something and somehow confront the Russian repressive machinery than to be equated with the Nazis for the rest of his life,” Zelensky stressed.

Thus, he has emphasized the action of the Russian people and has said that “Nazism has no future.” “Mass killings have no future. Anyone in Russia who does not demand an end to this shameful war and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine has no future,” she said.

“We have information that the Russian troops have changed their tactics and are trying to remove the dead from the streets and cellars of the occupied territory. The dead Ukrainians. This is just an attempt to hide the evidence and nothing more,” he said.

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Regarding the recent deaths and disappearances of civilians in different Ukrainian cities, Zelensky stressed that the Ukrainian authorities will find out “all the circumstances regarding the majority of the missing citizens.”

During the speech, the President of Ukraine explained that tomorrow he will address the parliaments and nations of Greece and the Republic of Chile to request greater support for Ukraine.

Thus, the president has recalled that he has held a meeting with his cabinet of ministers in kyiv. In this regard, the key issues they have discussed are the implementation of the state budget and economic activity in Ukraine.

“We must do everything possible to restore the work of national companies, commercial activities and reactivate small and medium-sized companies throughout our territory, where it is safe and possible to work,” he added.

It has also been addressed to all the leaders of the areas of the country, where “there is no threat of confrontation”, with the aim of promoting the safe return of citizens to their homes and restarting the country’s economy.

Regarding the invasion of Russian troops, he assured that they continue “accumulating combat forces to make their sick ambitions in Donbas a reality. “They are preparing to resume an active offensive,” he clarified.

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