Zelensky assures that Ukraine is preparing for the next negotiations with Russia: “For peace”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – UKRAINIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT

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The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has assured this Wednesday that Ukraine is preparing for the next negotiations with Russia and has defended that the objective is “to achieve peace”.

“Our delegation returned last night from Belarus. I will listen to your report. We will prepare for the next round of talks for the sake of Ukraine. For peace,” he said in a message to the nation.

After the celebration of three rounds of negotiations between the parties, which have addressed political, humanitarian and military aspects of the armed conflict, Zelenski has clarified that the situation is not a “ping-pong game” but a question of “human lives”.

“It is already the fourteenth day that we have defended ourselves. The fourteenth day of unity. (…) The scale of the threat against the State is maximum. The invasion has brought to our country practically the entire contingent that has been assembled to this, but the scale of our response is also maximal”, he asserted.

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Thus, he stressed that “they only have equipment”, while Ukraine has “the people and the equipment”. “They only have orders: attack, kill, abuse. We have a desire to win, to defend ourselves,” she insisted.

“Ukrainians, everything is in our hands. We inspire the whole world with our determination. There is no place on earth where they are not aware of the heroism of the Ukrainian people, with which the Ukrainian people defend themselves,” he said before to urge to maintain unity.

“If we continue to respond intelligently to enemy activity … they can never reach our hearts, our ability to live freely and continue fighting,” he stressed.

Thus, he has emphasized that the Ukrainian military units are managing to replenish the arsenal and have “numerous trophies”, from “enemy tanks, to armored vehicles”. “What could be more humiliating for the invaders? (…) We will defeat the enemy with their own weapons,” he has said.

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Zelensky has also stressed that the Russian troops still have a chance to get out alive. “Almost two weeks later we have shown that we will not surrender because this is our land. (…) You can save yourselves even if you simply leave. Do not pay attention to your commanders,” he has nuanced.

“This war must end. We must return to peace. Leave our country, return to yours,” he said before assuring that “since the first day of the invasion, Ukraine has been repeating to its partners that if they do not close the airspace they will be responsible for this catastrophe”.

In this sense, he clarified that “Russia uses missiles, aircraft, helicopters against civilians, cities and infrastructures”, so it is its “humanitarian responsibility to respond” to the aggression.

“Yesterday we finally managed to organize a humanitarian corridor. From the city of Sumy to Poltava. 1,600 students and 3,500 residents have been rescued. The evacuation continues. More than 18,000 people have been evacuated from other cities and we will continue to do our best to make these corridors continue to function,” he explained. “If there is even one shot, it will be the invaders’ fault,” she added.

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