Zelensky acknowledges that Ukraine’s chances of joining NATO are dissipating

KIEV, Feb. 17 (DPA/EP) –

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, acknowledged on Thursday that the chances of Ukraine joining the Atlantic Alliance are dissipating in the context of tensions with Russia.

The president has explained that there are a series of “specific causes” for this, and has directly alluded to the “resistance” not only of Russia, but also of “some member countries of the alliance”.

In this sense, Zelensky has recognized that this was a known situation, although it is true that he has not named the countries that supposedly oppose the inclusion of Ukraine in NATO.

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In addition, he has accused the Russian authorities of using the presence of troops on the border as a pressure measure to effectively prevent Ukraine from joining the group and reinforcing its eastern front.

Finally, the Ukrainian president has once again reiterated his offer to Moscow to resolve the tensions through diplomatic channels, while from Russia they have urged Kiev to first implement the agreements reached before starting talks with the president, Vladimir Putin.

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