Zelenski stresses the need to “vacate” its territories to bring Russia to international justice

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The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has assured this Friday that it is necessary to “vacate” the Ukrainian territory in the hands of the Russian troops in order to be able to allocate “all the forces” to punish Russia through the International Law and the international legal order.

“We must vacate all the lands that the Russian occupiers are trying to keep for themselves. Only in this way we will be able to allocate all the force in the International Law,” the Ukrainian leader has asserted in his daily message to the population of the country.

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Zelensky pointed out that the UN Charter and “the whole complex” of treaties and conventions on which the international legal order is based will work only when the Russian troops lose and “the nations of the world are protected against any occupation.”

In this regard, the Ukrainian president has stated that if Russia loses it will show by its example “to all potential aggressors in the world” that an “aggressive terrorist war” in our time is a way to weaken and inevitably destroy the one who initiates such a war.

“The aggressor must lose. So be it. So that such wars will not happen again and peace will be truly long-term. Nothing must be left for the invaders,” Zelenski has expressed.

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“I believe that justice will also be restored for our partners,” the Ukrainian president has stated in his speech.

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