Home Health what is nocturnal hyperhidrosis and why does it cause insomnia?

what is nocturnal hyperhidrosis and why does it cause insomnia?


When it comes to sleepThere are several factors that can make it difficult to reconcile sleep and rest. sleep. Some people suffer from what is called nocturnal hyperhidrosisa condition in which a person with nocturnal hyperhidrosis sweats too much and unpredictably.

In fact, the patient may even sweat when the temperature is cool and at rest, and may sweat so profusely that he or she becomes soaking the clothes and sheets. A problem that is uncomfortable and can cause insomnia.

There are several causes that can lead to this excessive sweatingand should be evaluated by a medical professional. Sometimes it may be due to menopause or an obesity problem, although there may also be endocrine system alterations such as hyperthyroidism, cardiorespiratory or metabolic diseases, or even cancer; although nocturnal hyperhidrosis is also related to sleep-related diseases, such as sleep apnea.

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As for the tratamientIn the treatment of hyperhidrosis, the physician may recommend the use of strong antiperspirants, medications or even go so far as to propose armpit surgery to remove the sweat glands in this area.

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