Zelenski again accuses Russia of not ceasing provocations at Zaporiyia nuclear power plant

Latest news on the war confronting Russia and Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski has again accused Russia on Tuesday of not ceasing “provocations” in the vicinity of the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant on the day when the mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has arrived in Kiev.

“Unfortunately, Russia does not stop provocations precisely in those directions from which the mission is supposed to reach the station. But I hope that the IAEA mission will be able to start its work,” the Ukrainian president has said in his daily statement to the population of the country.

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Zelensky has assured that the situation at the power station and in the surrounding area “remains extremely threatening,” as Russian troops “do not leave the station, continue shelling and do not take their weapons and ammunition from the territory of the nuclear power station.”

“The risk of a radiation disaster due to Russian actions does not decrease for an hour,” the Ukrainian leader has maintained, adding that “only Ukraine can ensure that all processes at the Zaporiyia station” are carried out according to standards and under control.

Moreover, Zelensky has detailed that the Ukrainian Parliament has supported several laws and ratifications to bring the country closer to the bosom of the European Union.

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“No matter how difficult it is, and even in the conditions of such a war, we move step by step towards full membership in the Union,” the Ukrainian leader has detailed.

In particular, the measures supported by the Verkhovna Rada relate to Ukraine’s accession to the European convention to the actual implementation of customs visa-free travel.

“I want to thank all our diplomats, government officials, deputies who secured this result. Ukraine will be a full member of the European Union, and we are already closer to Europe than at any time in previous decades,” Zelenski added.

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