YouTube is testing Add To Queue, a quick list for videos you plan to watch

Available only to YouTube Premium users for now, the Add To Queue feature comes as a more convenient alternative to the Watch Later list, good or bookmarking directly in your web browser directly in your web browser.

Important to know, the desktop version of YouTube already has the Add To Queue feature, allowing users to add clips they want to watch in the playlist after the one currently playing. Unlike Autoplay, Add To Queue allows you to watch only the clips you’re interested in, adding them to your playlist as you discover them.

Until now, Android and iOS users only had the Save To Watch later or Save To playlist options, both of which required minimal interaction to go back to saved videos for later and actually start playing. In addition, using these features saves the video to a permanent list, with users having to return to manually delete clips they are no longer interested in. By comparison, with the Add To Queue option the resulting playlist is temporary, with added clips being deleted as soon as they are watched. And when users want to revisit such a clip, they can find it in the History section.

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Once enabled in the YouTube app for Android or iOs, you’ll be able to access the Add To Queue option using the 3-dot button attached to each clip in the queue. Important to know, the functionality is not available for YouTube Shorts clips.

The resulting playlist will be accessible directly from play mode, with the playlist appearing below the YouTube mini player. Users will be able to change the order of clips in the playlist using drag-and-drop commands applied on the touch interface. Clips in the list can be deleted with a swipe left command.

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YouTube Premium users can already try the Add To Queue feature by going to the Try New Features section of the Settings menu, present in the list displayed when interacting with the avatar picture in the top-right corner of the screen.

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