Your Netflix account, used by friends, will cost you dearly: the countries where it has already started to appear on the bill

Netflix is ​​preparing to make a major change regarding the unauthorized sharing of your account.

After testing last year for encouraging people to make their own Netflix account, the company has now announced that it has another “in-book” test in countries like Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. will force subscribers to pay extra to share their account with people outside their home.

As far as we know, subscribers will be able to add up to two additional users, in exchange for $ 2.99, for each of them. Those users will receive their own credentials, as well as Netflix recommendations customized to their preferences.

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In addition, Netflix will allow subscribers in those countries to transfer individual profiles to completely separate accounts.

Netflix is ​​still waiting until it applies this measure globally, but it is not known exactly how much

At present, Netflix has announced that it will apply this test measure only in the countries mentioned above, preferring to wait until it is extended worldwide.

“We’ve always tried to make life easier for people living together when it comes to sharing a Netflix account by providing separate profiles and personalized streams to our user preferences, as part of our Standard and Premium plans.” Chengyi Long, director of Netflix Product Innovation, said in a blog post.

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“Although they were extremely popular, they also created some confusion about when and how Netflix can be shared. As a result, accounts are shared between households, influencing our ability to invest in television and movies for our members, ”he said.

We don’t know exactly how this will affect the evolution or involution of Netflix, but the current measure, applied in a few countries in South America, would obviously be in line with the terms and conditions of the streaming giant, which users often violate. all over the world.

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