Galaxy A phones, dominant in Samsung’s top sales

Although the top models in the Galaxy S series are the most discussed, in reality the bulk of Samsung’s sales are given by affordable Galaxy A series phones, the lowest possible price decisively influencing the purchase decision.

According to statistics published by Counterpoint Research, the Galaxy A series generated in 2021 no less than 58% of Samsung phone sales. Contrary to expectations, the highest sales were not given by the most popular models, Galaxy A52 and A72, but by the cheapest option, Galaxy A12.

Divided by quarter, sales of mid-range phones accounted for 56% of Samsung’s total shipments in Q1-2021, 60% in Q2, 57% in Q3 and 60% in Q4.

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“The mid-range Galaxy A series has been the main battlehorse in Samsung’s smartphone portfolio in recent years,” said Liz Lee, a senior analyst at Counterpoint.

Lee also noted that mid-range devices accounted for nearly two-thirds of all Samsung smartphones sold in 2021, including the Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A32 series.

“The devices have enjoyed widespread demand globally, with sales going well in a wide variety of markets, such as North America, Western and Eastern Europe, to Latin America and the Middle East,” Lee added.

galaxy a

Returning to the Galaxy A12, the most popular Galaxy A model is also the best-selling Android smartphone in the world, generating in 2021 about 2% of global smartphone sales.

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The report published by Counterpoint Research comes just days before the most important Galaxy A launch event, prepared by Samsung for 2022. Expected on March 17, Galaxy A53 5G and A73 5G promise important leaps in performance, but keep the design simple and functionally appreciated in the previous model.

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