Your bosses will love you with this gadget!

do you know that  You read something briefly and the tick in teams jumps to yellow - but that's over now!

do you know that You read something briefly and the tick in teams jumps to yellow – but that’s over now!

There you are just to get a coffee, read something or pet the cat – and you’re “absent” in teams or the screen saver comes on. A so-called “mouse jiggler” can help. In addition to teams and co., it can also be used for significantly more purposes. You can find out what they are and how much it costs right here – because it’s currently on sale at Amazon for almost half the price.

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Screen saver when downloading? Now never again!

For what purposes could you use such a mouse jiggler? There are always moments when you want to prevent the screen saver from starting or the laptop automatically switching to energy saving mode when not in use. That often happens when a download is running.

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It works the same way with chats like Microsoft Teams and Co. As soon as you’re engrossed in a text for what feels like a quarter of a second, go to the toilet or quickly refill your coffee cup, you’re immediately “absent”. At the same time, team tracking doesn’t always work optimally either, so you’ll show up as yellow even when you’re working on the keyboard.

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Easy to use, durable and suitable for all mice

Der Meatanty Mausmover ist “Put & Play”: Simply place the mouse in the large rotating device and off you go! The edge protection ensures that it doesn’t fall off while it’s being moved back and forth, so feel free to leave the “Jiggler” unattended.

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Operating the Meatanty mouse movement simulator is very easy. With the “+” and “-” keys you can set the time for the turntable and let the mouse pointer move automatically. The adjustable timing frequency from 5 to 60 seconds gives you flexibility.

Now the little gadget is on sale for only €24.79 instead of €45.99!

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