Young men are not shy about getting hair transplants on TikTok –

For men getting older, going bald can become a big fear. There is still a huge stigma around losing your hair, especially at a younger age, because many others will still have their luscious locks.

Fighting this stigma are a number of young men on TikTok, who have shared their stories about getting hair transplants and the benefits they have seen to their mental health. GQ recently spoke with Kegs, a 25-year-old Irish man who, after trying several different methods to keep his hair, decided he would go all-in and get a hair transplant. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I never expected how much confidence this whole journey would give me.”

Many other men not only advocate getting a hair transplant, but they also provide information on how to do it safely. For example, one account advised against going to a “technician” because although transplants from these people may be cheaper, you can never be sure who or how qualified they are.

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Young men aren't shy about getting hair transplants on TikTok

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