Discover outdoor tech in our theme week

Image source: EVERST,

Image source: EVERST,

Let’s pack up our tech gadgets and go outside! Yes, you read that right, we’re talking about technology outside of the usual four walls. Who says that you can’t enjoy a bit of digital comfort when hiking or camping?

So get out of the cozy office chair and into nature – but of course not without our favorite gadgets that make life outdoors easier for us.

From May 8th to May 14th the big outdoor party starts here at GameStar Tech. You can look forward to tests as well as experience reports of various technical gimmicks.

From drones, e-bikes, helpful apps to a smart chicken coop – You read that correctly again – everything is part of the game.

Our plan for the outdoor theme week

Monday, May 8th:

  • Maxe reports on a smart chicken coop – how does that work?
  • Experience report: Neither Google Maps nor Apple Maps: An alternative can definitely be helpful on a hiking holiday
  • Lawn mower robots: what you need to look out for and which devices are recommended
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Tuesday, May 9th:

  • Hiking: Alana won’t go to the mountains again without this app
  • The Apple Watch Ultra: 3 features are particularly worthwhile when hiking

Wednesday, May 10th:

  • For the next garden party: an outdoor projector being tested
  • Team leader Mirco gives an insight into the smart garden lighting
  • Our author Jan reports on tech gadgets that lure him outside

Thursday, May 11:

  • DJI Mini 3: A testimonial from a drone beginner, for drone beginners
  • Tried the Vanmoof S5: This is what the stylish e-bike can do
  • Experience report: You should always have this air compressor with you when travelling
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Friday May 12:

  • Outdoor loudspeakers: A comparison of different manufacturer products
  • SmartTags: We present many different uses for the smart GPS trackers

Saturday May 13:

  • Smartphone: The best apps for identifying plants and animals
  • 4 outdoor gadgets that are really worthwhile – and 4 that you should keep your hands off

Sunday May 14:

  • Digital detox: Annual camping (almost) without a smartphone is the most relaxing vacation for Patrick
  • Tried headphones with bone conduction transmission – the earphones can do that

We look forward to the week dedicated to outdoor tech. Before that happens, it’s your turn now. What gadgets, devices or electronic transportation do you use outdoors? What technical gimmicks can’t or don’t you want to do without? Let us know in the comments below!

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