You thought a square wheel bike was weird? The inventor is now going one better

What should roll has to be round?  Oh no.  A bike can also have corners and edges.  (Image source: YouTube channel The Q)

What should roll has to be round? Oh no. A bike can also have corners and edges. (Image source: YouTube channel “The Q”)

Who does not know the frequently used expression You don’t have to reinvent the wheel right away, do you?. The saying wants to say: Why reinvent something when it already works? Sergii Gordieiev (aka The Q) must have heard the phrase about the wheel at least once too many times. Because the hobbyist sat down at his workbench to square what actually should be round: the tires of a bicycle.

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How do you build a triangular bike?

At first glance you ask yourself: Holy cannon barrel: How is the part supposed to work? But, well, the unorthodox tire design works. The inventor behind the YouTube channel even goes so far as to say:

Pleasant? The idea of ​​being subjected to the jerking and jerking of Dreicks bikes under the saddle sounds… painful? And even if the bike rolls and rolls and rolls impressively: we could bet the bike with three corners leads to burning calves.

In any case, the tricky Sergii is convinced of his newly conceived bicycle – and shows you in his video how you can rebuild such a vehicle.

  • Step 1: First of all you make triangular bicycle rims out of wood. The rims have rounded sides so you can roll on the tires afterwards.
  • Step 2: Now you remove the gears of your bike – and attach them to your triangular tires.
  • Step 3: Now Sergii paints the rims orange. This is of course a question of taste. If you are allergic to orange, you can also brush with admiral blue, fuchsia red or hot pink.
  • Step 4: Break the profane, round tire into three parts. But be careful: The three parts should each fit the rounded sides (see step 1) of your future triangular bike.
  • Step 5: The next step is to staple the rubber covers onto the wooden rims.
  • Step 6: Now attach the triangular wheels to the frame of the bicycle.
  • Step 7: Now comes the really exciting part: along the top of the triangular tires you attach treads. These running surfaces are also the secret ingredient of the invention – because: there are metal rollers in the running surfaces. These make the triangular tires roll.
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If you miss details and reasonable illustrations in the three steps above: Just click on the five-minute video above. In it, Sergii shows step by step how he proceeded.

Clicked on: The triangular bike is by no means the first crazy idea of ​​the busy two-wheeler mechanic Sergii Gordieiev. Just about a month ago we reported on his box bike, which rolls along like a tank (see above). You are also welcome to visit theq-original’s Instagram page – or click into the The Q YouTube channel. Incidentally, behind the nickname The Q is a Ukrainian inventor.

What do you think of such awesome tech bikes that break through your expectations? Does your creativity ignite the ingenuity of a Sergii Gordieiev? Do you also like to think off the beaten track here? Write us about it in the comments!

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