Help save the planet by drinking whiskey –

Conservation is bigger and more heavily supported than ever, and one of the latest initiatives to fit into this comes from whisky manufacturer Talisker. As part of a new partnership with Parley for the Oceans, Talisker has pledged to help rewild 100 square miles of ocean forest, and you can help this effort by simply buying a bottle of good stuff, with Talisker then making a donation to the charity.

The whiskey is known as Talisker X Parley: Wilder Seas and comes in a bottle made from 100% recycled glass made from biofuel, and as for the donation, Talisker will contribute £3 for every bottle sold.

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The 70 centiliter bottle of single malt scotch whiskey isn’t cheap, as it clocks in at £75 per bottle, but if you’re looking for a premium drink described as “rich and intense” with a “smoky-fruity aftertaste” and want to help save the oceans, then this is a great place to start.

Help save the planet by drinking whiskey

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