You can now start a monologue on WhatsApp. The app allows users to send messages to their own number

Even though all devices integrate notes apps, cloud storage services and other solutions for saving personal information and files from the factory, many users prefer to use chat apps they know to save certain information. On WhatsApp, they used to do this through a trusted contact, who they messaged with things they wanted to access later on other devices, but now the chat service allows you to message yourself to keep that data safer.

WhatsApp gets a feature that even chat apps from 20 years ago offered

WhatsApp users on iOS and Android who update to the latest version of the app, 22.23.74 and respectively, will be able to start a conversation with their own phone number. Thus, anything you put in that chat remains private and can only be accessed by that user. You can then send important information, passwords or important documents to your own number, which you can then download to another device.

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Many users use WhatsApp to transfer files from their phone to their PC, as it does not involve cloud storage services that you would need to be logged into on both sides, nor cables or wireless transfer applications.

It seems that WhatsApp has come late to this “party” as other services, such as Telegram or Slack, already offer the ability to send yourself messages. Messages on WhatsApp remain encrypted even if you send them to yourself.

It’s strange to only see features like this in 2022, when past instant messaging services like Yahoo Messenger offered this capability over 20 years ago. Besides, modern chat services offer many capabilities borrowed from the old ones, but still don’t match the old services in features. Those included multiple complex games, all sorts of customizable themes, animated emoticons, and customizable alert sounds. Maybe in a few years we’ll get the famous “BUZZ” that annoyed us on Yahoo Messenger in the early 2000s on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

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