Spectacular photos look out of this world, but aren’t AI-generated for a change

Not AI-generated: Nikon Peru advertises with images for which no AI but only

Not AI-generated: Nikon Peru advertises with images for which no AI but only “natural intelligence” was necessary. (Image: Nikon Peru)

The increasing popularity of AI image generators like Midjourney raises the question of whether artificially generated photos can ever reach the authenticity of real recordings.

Is it possible to save money by using AI by not using professional photographers? A major camera manufacturer is concerned about this possible future development and is therefore launching a campaign against using AI to generate photos.

»Natural« instead of artificial intelligence

Nikon is one of the largest camera manufacturers and the first to openly oppose the use of AI image generators.

According to Nikon Peru, many photographers from the region have felt the impact of the increasing popularity of AI tools themselves. According to the company, more and more photographers have received fewer orders since then.

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In a new ad campaign (via Little Black Book) starring »Natural Intelligence« is titled, Nikon wants to remind you that nature offers enough subjects that can look surreal and AI-generated.

In the video they show real photos that were taken without the help of AI and which ones Prompts would have been necessary to generate such.

According to Nikon, AI tools have done real damage to photographers and that’s why it’s important »not to give up the real world«.

There is no denying that AI will or has already impacted the world of photography. However, it is rather unlikely that AI image generators, especially those that have been trained with real photos by real photographers, will completely replace classic photography.

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AI tools like Midjourney enable many people who can’t afford expensive camera equipment and travel to create dramatic and surreal images. However, of course, this cannot be beaten by a real trip and the experience that comes with it.

In addition, AI will find it difficult to replace certain areas of photography. There are events, portraits, weddings and, last but not least, selfies. One area that could really be threatened by AI is that Stock photography. Companies could save on license fees and simply generate stock photos themselves.

What do you think of this campaign and what do you think of the pictures? Do you agree with Nikon? Are AI image generators a threat to classic photography? Or do you think that the camera manufacturer is overreacting? Can you imagine a future where professional photographers are rarely hired and AI is used instead? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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