You can now buy Jacob Elordi’s bathwater at Saltburn -.

Here’s another fresh product for you sickos: Jacob Elordi’s bathwater is now available for sale online. Well, at least you can recreate the idea of Elordi’s bathwater, because it seems the actor has not yet lowered himself to sell his used bathtub liquid.

Instead, a company known as LuxCandleCorner has instead created a candle that is supposed to smell like Elordi’s bathwater. Weird and quite invasive, but it will certainly sell to the right audience. It now costs just over £26 and currently has 5 stars when it comes to reviews.
The candle was inspired by a scene in Saltburn where Barry Keoghan’s character enters a bathroom after Elordi’s character has taken a bath. Keoghan then kneels down in the tub and drinks the bath water, in a pretty gross display of I guess we call affection? Maybe obsession? That’s probably more accurate.

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