Psyonix unveils Rocket League’s RLCS 2024 season

Psyonixthe developer of Rocket League, has announced the details of the upcoming 2024 season of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)which has been reduced compared to the previous season. This season will feature three LAN events and a prize to be distributed of $4.3MThe prize to be awarded in addition to a large number of changes in the rules and format.

The RLCS is the official esports circuit of video game developer Psyonix. In 2024, BLAST will take over management of the circuit for the first time.which was previously managed by ESL. RLCS 2024 will consist of two on-site Majorsone in March and the second one in June, followed by the Rocket League World Championship in September.

Every Major will be preceded by three Open Qualifiers onlinethrough which teams will qualify for the corresponding Major. The teams will also accumulate points for the World Championship thanks to their positions during the season.

On the other hand, Psyonix says it is focusing on “long-term sustainability.”In other words, the top 128 teams in North America and Europe will receive prizes. In South America, Oceania, the Middle East and North Africa, the top 64 teams will receive prizes, and in addition, 32 teams will also be eligible in APAC and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

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Although from previous years, the prize money has dropped to $4.3M, a significant reduction from last season’s $6M. However, Psyonix has revealed that the Esports Shop will also be revamped at the beginning of the season with over 30 unspecified teams debuting new custom decals and player banners.

This season also marks the first in which the SSA region will receive a qualifying spot in the Majors. Previously, the region had its own separate regional events. In addition, the minimum age of the players for the 2024 RLCS has been reduced to 13 yearsalthough Psyonix has stipulated that coaches and managers must be at least 18 years old.

The announcement of the new season has been met with widespread disappointment. in the Rocket League community. Team owners, professional players and fans have criticized the changes. They also disagree with the fact that all regions play on the same day at the same time, rather than on alternate weeks as in the past, which may mean a drop in viewership.

At SSG we love Rocket League and have been involved in RLCS for the past 6 years, but this is like a punch in the gut. We will continue to invest in RL esports because we know how special it is, but I think this will have a negative impact on the scene in the long run.

Shawn “Unit” Pellerin, CEO of esports organization Spacestation Gaming (SSG).

Listen to your community right now, it’s screaming.

Gaming, Gregory ‘RawGreg’ Alex, Luminosity Coach

The RLPA is disappointed with today’s announcement from the RLCS, particularly with the lack of visibility and communication since the culmination of last season. We do not believe these changes have the players’ best interests at heart. We look forward to having productive conversations with Psyonix to discuss how we can help build a better future for esport. We believe this should include player input.

Rocket League Players Association (RLPA)

The Rocket League scene had been anxiously awaiting details of the new season, as the previous 2023-24 season had concluded in August 2023, five months ago.

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