You can get bear meat from a vending machine in Japan -.

We all know what it’s like to get a sandwich, a drink or something sweet from a vending machine while commuting. Food is unapproachably predictable, but that’s not the case in Japan, as local Japanese newspaper The Mainichi (according to Sky News) reports, a vending machine in the country now offers bear meat.

Apparently, this meat is harvested from “locally caught” wild bears and is available day and night. It should be noted that the meat is hunted in the mountains by a local hunting club and then processed at a slaughterhouse before finding its way to the vending machine – with hunting usually being done only during hunting season.

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As for how much money it costs to buy bear meat from the vending machine, it is stated that it costs 2,200 yen, equivalent to about £13.

For those wondering about the logistics of delivering locally caught bear meat to a town, it is said that the vending machine sells about 10-15 packs of bear meat per week and that supply is the main reason that more bear meat units are not sold.

You can get bear meat from a vending machine in Japan

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