You can delete the last 15 minutes of your Google Search history by using a shortcut

Trying to divert attention from the “nuclear option”, which can be used to completely delete the history with all searches done over time, Google announces the availability of a shortcut to “delete traces” left in Google Search history.

Assuming that “conscientious” use of the Google Search Engine is usually limited to the current session Search Engine Daily.

The new feature first appeared in the iOS version of the Google app, after it was unveiled at last year’s Google I / O conference. The option has also appeared on Android, and can be found in the main menu of the application, under the name “Delete last 15 minutes”.

Of course, there is still the Search History – Delete option, which allows you to clean up your search history at will, starting with the current day and up to the entire documented period. But Google would like to avoid this setting if possible, because it directly affects the company’s business model and revenue.

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Instead, the relatively handy option in the Google app menu, right on the road to more effective settings for the intended purpose, may be enough to dispel doubts about your recent use of Google services.

However, for those who use Google Chrome, clearing your browsing history remains just as important as doubling your Google Search history.

For those who don’t know, Google also offers three distinct options for automatically deleting search history within 3, 18, or 36 months. Under pressure from the European authorities, this is a one-time setting that needs to be adjusted once to ensure that Google History is permanently cleared within the selected time frame.

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In other words, you can avoid both “problems” by using Google Chrome in Incognito mode from the beginning, including accessing the Google Search engine. However, in this version the search session cannot be customized, and any accessed pages will need to be authenticated from scratch if they require the use of a user account.

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