You can currently get what is perhaps the best oven for private households at an absolutely amazing price

The Samsung Dual Cook Flex oven is a real innovation for all kitchen lovers and ambitious chefs. With his unique ability, Divide the oven space into two separate cooking chambersit offers impressive flexibility and efficiency when cooking and baking.

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An oven that enhances every kitchen – known from “The Taste”!

The heart of the Dual Cook Flex is the innovative, divisible door, which makes it possible to open either just the upper cooking space or the entire oven. This means that you prepare two dishes at the same time can without flavors or smells mixing.

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Whether you at the same time bake a cake and grill a chicken or want to prepare different dishes at different temperatures – the Dual Cook Flex makes it possible. Maybe you know him from that Show “The Taste”where it is used by the chefs.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Split door (Flex Door): Allows the upper cooking space to be used separately.
  • Dual Cook-Technologie: Two ovens in one with independent temperature controls.
  • WLAN module: Remote control and monitoring via the SmartThings app (models NV75N7677RS/EG and NV75N7647RS/EG).
  • Energy efficiency: Save energy by only using part of the oven.
  • Versatile baking options: Baking possible in the upper, lower or both cooking chambers at the same time.

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Smart oven that can even be controlled via app

In addition to its outstanding flexibility and efficiency, the Samsung Dual Cook Flex also has a integrated WLAN module. This allows you to use the oven over the SmartThings App to control and monitor. You can set the baking temperature and time, select programs and even activate the preheat function remotely.

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In addition to the dual cook function, the oven also offers high energy efficiency. You can decide to only use one of the cooking chambers, which saves energy and protects the environment at the same time.

The Dual Cook Flex is not only functional, but also a visual highlight in every kitchen. Its intuitive Guide lighting control makes operation simple and user-friendly. The oven also has three different cleaning processes: Pyrolysis, catalysis and steam cleaningwhich makes cleaning easier.

Now there is it on offer for just €749 – instead of the usual €1499€! That’s a really good price for an oven that can really do more.

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