Just bought an iPhone? Here are some tips to protect it

Apple launches a new model of iPhone every year, and their price does not seem to fall, on the contrary. If you are a fan of the brand and you buy the new model every year or if you just bought a new iPhone, it is normal to want to keep it as safe as possible and not to scratch or hit it. Especially since the investment made is not something to overlook, and the phone has become indispensable in our daily lives. From the ordinary case to the iPhone insurance, here’s how you can protect your phone.

Choose a quality cover

Of course, phone cases have become absolutely essential accessories. If you have an iPhone and don’t have a case yet, you should consider purchasing one. There are countless models of covers, from the original ones, produced by Apple, which are a bit more expensive, to the custom ones. The covers with the highest level of protection use several types of materials. It may have foam in the corners or an inner layer of rubber and an outer layer of hard plastic. The new iPhones also have MagSafe technology, which means that they are compatible with the case technology with the same technology, so you can opt for them.

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Screen protector

The screen is just as important as the phone case, so it’s important to buy a glass case for it. Usually, when we drop a phone, the screen is the first to break, although the new phone models have more and more resistant glass screens. You can purchase the protection from any specialty store, including online, and apply it yourself, or you can go to a special application service.


Popsocket is a way to use your phone safely. It is an accessory that attaches to the back of the phone and allows you to hold it more easily in your hand, without the risk of dropping it. There are a lot of popsocket designs, either simpler or more colorful. Regardless, if you want to be sure that you will not lose your phone, this accessory is very useful.

Enable Find My Phone

iPhones have a Find My Phone feature that can help you locate your phone in case you lose it. All you have to do is enter your phone settings, sign in to your Apple ID account, and make sure the feature is active. When you lose your phone, you can easily find it by accessing iCloud from any browser.

IPhone insurance

An iPhone insurance could be the solution to get rid of all your worries, especially if you have the latest phone model. You can usually purchase iPhone insurance either from a broker or online from the store where you purchased your phone. A phone insurance is a perfect choice if you know that you often lose your phone, lose it or have it stolen. Phone insurance is different from the manufacturer’s or store’s warranty. The warranty offered by the manufacturer is for defects in the factory or software and lasts for a certain period of time. Insurance covers various accidents. Whether you drop your phone on the floor, drop it in the water or have a short circuit, the insurance covers all these events. IPhone insurance will also cover theft if it is reported to the police. Of course, each insurance may have different clauses, so it’s a good idea to find out in advance. You can analyze the market and choose the best option for your budget and needs.

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When you buy an expensive phone, such as an iPhone, you need to make sure that you take all the necessary steps to be able to enjoy your purchase. All of these products help you do just that.

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