Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro to hit the European market

Xiaomi announced the Band 7 accessory series as early as the middle of this year, but only the non-Pro version has arrived in Europe, with the more advanced Smart Band 7 Pro model remaining as an exclusive for the Chinese market.

Created to compete with models like the Huawei Watch Fit, the device is more of a smartwatch than a traditional fitness bracelet. The Smart Band 7 Pro comes with a larger screen than the non-pro model, metal construction and a selection of sensors and functions for monitoring sports activities.

Otherwise, the accessory is very similar in capabilities to the “standard” Smart Band 7 version. It comes with sensors for pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, sports and sleep monitoring functions, as well as a GPS for recording the routes you run. The 1.64″ screen comes with an always-on function, and while it doesn’t look much bigger on “paper” (compared to the 1.47″), it is much wider than we find on the base model.

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The battery isn’t very big, at 235 mAh, but promises up to 12 days of use on a single charge. Unlike the Smart Band 7, the Pro model also benefits from NFC for contactless payments.

The Xiaomi Band 7 Pro comes in black, white or gold casing variants, as well as white, pink, orange, green, black and blue wristbands. While the standard equipment was priced at €60, the larger screen, NFC support and GPS receiver offered in addition by the Pro model raises the price to €99. Even so, Xiaomi’s offer is a very tempting one, given the level of features on offer.

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