8 practical gadgets for everyday life that you probably didn’t know yet

In this article, we’ll introduce you to eight cool and useful tech gadgets that have had to eke out an existence under the radar for many – until now. We hope there’s something you didn’t know about that might be useful to you! Here we go!

Compact triple monitor setup for laptops

Anyone remember Project Valerie? It was a Razer laptop with three fold-out screens that the company presented at CES 2017.

The extravagant notebook has remained a concept and has never been released for sale. However, you don’t have to be sad about it, because you can easily add two screens to your existing laptop, which are just as foldable.

With the Teamgee Triple Monitor set you get two 12-inch screens with IPS panels and FullHD resolution, which are simply clamped behind your existing monitor. They are connected either via USB or HDMI.

Mini monitor for your desk

This tiny screen should still fit into your triple monitor setup. It looks like a small smartphone or tablet, some models even have touchscreens.

Many of these are designed for use on a Raspberry Pi mini computer, but there’s nothing stopping you from using them on a regular PC.

With such a mini screen, you can use your main monitors more efficiently. For example, an app like Spotify does not have to take up more space than necessary. And best of all: For many of the monitors, the power supply is sufficient via a USB connection.

Telescope controller for cell phones

Do you still have an old cell phone lying around at home that you actually want to get rid of? What if there was a very simple way to breathe new life into this as a portable streaming and emulation console – because there is.

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A so-called telescope controller is stretched around your cell phone and connects to it via Lightning, USB-C or Bluetooth.

The result is one Handheld console running iOS or Android. Both operating systems are perfect for streaming games via Xbox Game Pass, Geforce Now or Playstation Now.

Additionally, most current phones these days should be powerful enough to emulate many legacy platforms. If you want to know more about that, have a look here:

Play your Gameboy cartridges on the PC

Speaking of retro gaming: With the GB Operator you can play Gameboy games on your PC – with the original cartridges. The device is simply connected via USB and the cassettes inserted.

There is no Gameboy hardware in the GB Operator itself, which is why emulation is also used here. If you still have a Gameboy camera, you can also use the device as a card reader to transfer the 16 kilopixel images to your PC. GB Operator supports Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games.

Khadas Tea: A mobile booster for your cell phone

The Tea is not a tea, as the name suggests, but a mini audio amplifier for the mobile phone. Despite its small size, there are plenty of features built in for those who place high demands on their music. Thanks to built-in magnets, you can easily attach it to your iPhone via Magsafe.

Inside is a dedicated ESS DAC (Digital-to-Analog-Converter) processor for wired lossless music listening. Headphones from 8 to 300 ohms are supported.

The Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC, LDAC, aptX, aptX HD and aptX Low Latency are supported wirelessly, so you can enjoy lossless music with low latencies even without cabling.

The built-in battery ensures that no power is required from your mobile phone and has a capacity of 1160 mAh. This is enough for 8 hours of continuous music playback at maximum volume and 35 ohm headphones.

Pivo Pod – Cell Phone Tripod with AI Tracking

The Pivo Pod is a tripod head for mobile phones that can always keep you in the picture thanks to AI. Face, body, dog and horse (?!) tracking are used. According to Pivo, the device is particularly suitable for recording your riding lessons, as it can intelligently recognize and track the horse.

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The head rotates 360 degrees, so it can even follow you as you walk around the tripod. There are six different speeds at which the AI ​​tripod head can rotate, making it easy to keep you in view even during fast athletic movements.

If the normal Pivo Pod is too expensive for you, there is also a Lite variant, in which you have to do without dog and horse tracking, remote control and fast rotation speed.

Mobile photo printer with ZINK technology

With a mobile photo printer it is possible to print and share pictures directly from your smartphone – just like with an Instax or old Polaroid camera.

Fujifilm, the manufacturer of the popular Instax cameras, offers the Instax Share series, which are such small printers. The catch is the high price of Instax film. And this is where zinc comes into play.

ZINK stands for Zero Ink – i.e. zero ink. Mobile photo printers that print with this technology do not require toner or cartridges. All you need is special zinc paper, which is inserted into the printer.

And this is significantly cheaper than Instax films. For 50 pictures you pay about 30 euros. The same amount of Instax images would cost over 50 euros. A recommended ZINK printer is, for example, the Kodak Step.

A headset for your neck

The so-called »necksets« are a relatively new device category. So headsets that are worn on the neck and have small speakers that are directed towards the ears. They offer you a number of advantages over “normal” headsets that you have to wear on your head:

  • Surround sound without the need for a speaker setup or headphones
  • Very comfortable to wear as nothing presses on the ears or head
  • The ears remain free

In addition, many of them have built-in microphones, such as the Sony SRS-NB10, and are therefore very well suited for communication in online games. For obvious reasons, such neck headphones are less suitable for use outside of your four walls.

Was there something that might be interesting for you or that you didn’t even know about? Or maybe you already have experience with one of these products and would like to share your opinion about it? Are there other gadgets that you know and that are wrongly unknown? Share them with us and the community in the comments!

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