Xiaomi releases a new flashlight with life-saving features

Which tech gadgets can help in an absolute emergency - for example in a traffic accident?  (Image sources: Xiaomi; Rawpixel.com, Kadmy via Adobe Stock).

Which tech gadgets can help in an absolute emergency – for example in a traffic accident? (Image sources: Xiaomi; Rawpixel.com, Kadmy via Adobe Stock).

The Chinese technology company Xiaomi is best known for its smartphones. But the company also offers a wide range of devices in the gadget area.

Among these innovations is a multifunction flashlight with life-saver functions that was recently released (via Netzwelt and Notebookcheck).

A situation no one wants to find themselves in

You have an accident with your car. You find yourself in the wreck and want to cut your way free from the trapped seat belt and escape through the windshield.

Here it can be helpful or even life-saving to have the Xiaomi flashlight at hand. At least that’s how the company advertises its flashlight.

The special thing about the new flashlight with the hard-to-remember model number MJSDT001QW is that it is not only a light source, but also a rescue tool.

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What are the functions of the Xiaomi flashlight?

➡️ main light: As with other flashlights, Xiaomi’s device has a “front light”, so to speak. This Fresnell light has three brightness levels and, according to the manufacturer, achieves a value of 1,000 lumens and a range of 240 meters at the highest level.

➡️ side light: You can use the light attached to the side of the device casing as a hazard warning light. Especially in the event of a car breakdown, it can be useful for you as a driver to have such a hazard warning light on hand. You can rotate the lighting angle of the side light by 107 degrees using a rotating slide.

➡️ Magnet: You use one to attach the flashlight to the outside of your vehicle (e.g. on the trunk lid). The advantages of the magnetic flashlight should be that you can illuminate something and at the same time have your hands free.

➡️ Seat belt cutter: If the emergency situation calls for it, you can cut yourself through the belt with it.

➡️ disc breaker: You smash the window pane of your car with a special spike.

Further key data and the price: In the flashlight you will find a 3,100 milliampere hour battery. With one charge you can use the flashlight for up to 90 hours, as Xiaomi states. You can charge the flashlight via USB-C. Cost: 49.99 euros.

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If you only care about the brightness, you should take a look at the Imalent MS18.

Delivery to Germany can take time

By the way, the gadget is also available for you as customers living in Germany. However, shipping can take several weeks.

This flashlight can be used in a variety of ways and appropriately goes by the product name »Multi-function Flashlight«.

You can see the flashlight in action in the following introductory video from the manufacturer:

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By the way: If you want to pull the iconic Bat signal up into the sky with your flashlight, take a look at what resourceful TikTokers can do.

Do you think this multi-purpose flashlight is a useful gadget that every driver should have on hand? Or is that a nonsensical toy that has no place in the glove compartment? Write us about it in the comments!

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