Xiaomi 13, listed on GeekBench. Scores huge in performance tests

We’re just weeks away from the launch of the Xiaomi 13 series, which will bring the Chinese manufacturer’s new flagships to the home market. While we should already have a pretty good idea about the hardware configuration of the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro models, we now have yet another reliable source confirming information we already knew. The Xiaomi 13 has popped up in the GeekBench database and appears to offer top-notch performance, as we’d expect for a flagship built for 2023.

Xiaomi 13 will be one of the most powerful smartphones on the market

The Xiaomi 13 is listed in the GeekBench database as “Xiaomi 2211133C”, and scored very high in the tests. The performance gain appears to be significant over the previous generation, suggesting that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset might represent a bigger leap than we expected based on Qualcomm’s announcement.

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With a score of 1,497 in the Single-Core test and 5,089 in the Multi-Core test, the Xiaomi 13 will be one of the best performing smartphones released so far on the market. Only the iPhone 14 Pro models can currently boast higher scores

Xiaomi 13 geekbench

The phone tested appears to be equipped with 12GB of RAM, but it’s unclear if this is a base model, or if it’s a higher-end configuration. Either way, with 8GB or 12GB RAM, the phone will still perform very well, with most users rarely getting to use enough apps to fill up the RAM.

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The Xiaomi 13 will also be the first series to ship with MIUI 14 out of the box, the company’s new software version, which is based on Google’s Android 13. Given that the new Android is a minor upgrade, however, we don’t expect too many improvements from partners either.

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