No matter whether Android or iOS, your smartphone becomes a high-tech tool

Thermal imaging cameras for your smartphone on Amazon – Yes, you heard that right. With this gadget you can transform your iOS or Android smartphone into a versatile high-tech tool, which makes the smallest temperature differences in your surroundings visible. This gives you an overview of potential sources of fire, water and gas leaks as well as weak points in the insulation of your home, which can lead to high heating costs in winter.

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Accurate temperature measurement in any environment

Topdon's thermal imaging camera provides precision measurements for all environments. she has a Extended measuring range from -20 to +550°C, which makes them versatile. Their thermal sensitivity of 40 mK allows the subtlest temperature differences to be perceived.

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You can set individual temperature limits and colors to immediately recognize differences Adapt the device to your use cases. Accurate interpretation of the results can help identify leaks in hydraulic systems or faulty solder joints and shorts in electrical circuits.


The TC002 thermal imaging camera is a universal tool for various professional groups. Home inspectors can detect heat loss in buildings, HVAC technicians can optimize heating and cooling systems, electricians can identify problem areas in electrical systems, and farmers can protect the health of their crops and animals.

The picture-in-picture mode combines an infrared image with a visible imagewhich enables clear representation of low temperature objects and makes error analysis more precise and efficient.

Compatible with iPhones and iPads

Thanks to compatibility with iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, and the accompanying TC002 app, the device can easily be converted into an infrared thermal camera. The plug-and-play operation enables professional measurements, and the low power consumption Allows 6 to 8 hours of use with iPhone and 8-10 hours with iPad.

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Handy and easy to store

Despite its performance, the TC002 thermal imaging camera is very compact and portable. With dimensions of just 71 × 42 × 14 mm and a weight of 30 g, it can be easily stored in your pocket or attached to your belt. The camera supports image rotation, has eleven different color palettes and allows monitoring temperature changes through waveforms.

Grab the thermal imaging camera for your smartphone with a 20% discount on Amazon

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