World’s thinnest watch measures 1.75 mm thick and costs $1.8 million

A new mechanical watch breaks the world record for the thinnest such model, measuring just 1.75 mm thick, compared to the 1.88 mm record recently set by Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra. The new model is produced by Richard Mille and is called the RM UP-01 Ferrari and is an extremely expensive limited edition. It will be produced in only 150 pieces at an extremely high price.

Richard Mille and Ferrari have created an extremely thin, waterproof, mechanical watch

As a partnership between Richard Mille, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, and Ferrari, a luxury sports car manufacturer, this watch couldn’t have come at an affordable price. At the same time, the fact that it’s such a complex device and produced in such a limited run leads to a $1.88 million price tag.

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The watch is constructed of titanium, and all the mechanisms inside measure just 1.18 mm in thickness. These are encapsulated in the titanium case, and the watch also remains water resistant to a depth of 10m, despite the small size and mechanisms being exposed on the outside.

To adjust the time and turn the watch, Richard Mille chose on the RM UP-01 instead of a crown a system with discs on the front, which are activated by a special key. Incidentally, the strap also comes with a proprietary system of attachment to the watch’s slim body, being tightened in screws.

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The time is displayed in a very small dial in the centre of the watch, while the Ferrari logo is prominent on the lower-right side. This watch is more of a show of strength for Richard Mille, demonstrating that he can create a fully mechanical watch in such a small body.

source: Gizmodo

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