Wood boiler or fireplace? (P)

When you are on the verge of choosing a heating source, regardless of its type, you must inform yourself rigorously, because only in this way you will be able to make the ideal decision for the thermal comfort of your home. In the current context, the pressure is even higher due to constantly rising gas prices. So, if you have decided that for you, a wood solution would be suitable for you, whether you are thinking of a wood-fired boiler or a fireplace, then this article will suit you like a glove. Our friends at Pefoc will help us with a series of information directly from the source, about the basic features and the differences between the two different types of heating.


From the type of material to the overall design of the heating source, for many, appearance is an extremely important factor. From this point of view, a fireplace points decisively to the artistic impression, because, unlike the wood-fired boiler, it also has a decorative function, in addition to the functional one. Basically, you manage to combine the enchanting ambiance of the magical fireplace with the superior efficiency of the classic gas boiler.

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A fireplace can be placed anywhere in the house (living room, dining room, office, bedroom or hallway), while in the case of a wood-fired boiler it is necessary to position it in a special purpose room (technical room), making it impossible to move it later. . The fireplace is the perfect solution in terms of location, for a holiday home or a cottage, but for everyday living, the right choice of heater must be taken together with the skilled craftsman.


Due to this factor, the wood-fired boiler can offer a higher degree of comfort compared to the fireplace. Mostly because you won’t have to do the wood supply inside the house, so automatically, without mess and inconvenience. The best solution in the case of a fireplace would be to place it next to an access door to the outside (terrace, courtyard) and the wood to be stacked and stored nearby.

The power

When it comes to the efficiency of thermo fireplaces vs. wood-fired power plants, the former are limited in power, the largest reaching up to 35kw, which translates into the ability to heat up to a maximum of 300sqm and that only under certain conditions. Instead, wood boilers can reach home, up to 100kw and even above this value, when we talk about industrial regime (pensions, hotels, industrial halls, etc.). For small homes, cottages or cottages in the country, a perfect alternative to the classic wood stove, it would definitely be a wood-burning fireplace on pellets! It will help you save fuel thanks to environmentally friendly pellets and hearth combustion dosing technology.

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In terms of the cost of installation and commissioning, both will cost you the same. And that’s because they both need about the same elements and installation parts. However, the difference in costs occurs in the case of the fireplace, when it comes to dressing and finishing it. However, this price difference is also balanced, especially since, in the case of a wood-fired power plant, the cost of designing and building a technical room is not negligible, involving other money, configuration and special space allocated from the total housing.

In conclusion, both the wood-fired boiler and the thermal fireplace share the same operating principles with very small differences. Both have the ability to heat the whole house and the water from the radiators or the floor like a gas heating plant, but also the possibility to be connected to the household network, to produce hot water.

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