Audi is expanding its range of electric cars: the A6 station wagon, the newest vehicle

Audi unveiled the car revealing the A6 Avant e-tron concept.

Audi’s electric break is based on the new PPE platform developed in conjunction with Porsche.

The production version of the 5000 mm long concept will offer up to 700 km of autonomy according to the WLTP standard, depending on the propulsion system and the model variant.

It shares its Premium Electric Platform (PPE) with the A6 Sportback e-tron sedan unveiled by Audi last year and the upcoming Audi Q6 and Porsche Macan electric crossovers.

The propulsion system and battery technology are based on an 800-volt system with a charging capacity of up to 270 kilowatts.

Audi said the A6 Avant e-tron can consume enough power in just 10 minutes at a fast charging station to drive about 300 km.

The key element of future Audi and Porsche PPE-based cars is an inter-axle battery module, which in the case of the A6 Avant has about 100 kilowatt-hours of power.

Using the entire base of the vehicle makes it possible to achieve a relatively flat appearance of the battery.

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The design of the concept helps to reduce aerodynamic drag, and the exterior is defined even more by 22-inch wheels, short fuselages and the absence of hard edges.

The wheel arches are connected by a sculpted area of ​​the battery above the tilting panel highlighted in black inlay, a design element shared between the Audi e-tron models.

The camera-based virtual exterior mirrors at the base of the A-pillar add an extra futuristic touch.

a6 back

The most advanced Audi

The vehicle has advanced LED lighting elements, including four high-resolution LED headlights integrated in the corners of the vehicle and Digital Matrix LED headlights.

If the vehicle is parked in front of a wall during a break to recharge the battery, the driver and passengers could, in theory, spend their time playing a video game projected on it.

In addition, the projections around the car allow the range of communication to be extended beyond the vehicle for the first time. Smart connectivity allows the vehicle to share information with other road users through visual cues.

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In an online interview published by Audi, the company’s chief exterior designer, Philipp Roemers, explained the central role that refined proportions played in the design of the A6 Avant e-tron, citing the need for a long wheelbase due to the huge battery.

“Of course, we did a few tricks, such as an aluminum application that runs along the top of the body and goes into the rear spoiler, which makes the car visually lower than it is physically,” he said.

Particular attention was paid to the design of the front, including a single-frame inverted grille, which is bordered at the bottom by deep air intakes to cool the transmission, battery and brakes.

The grid environment also includes integrated lighting and sensors. Owners will also be able to create their own custom daylight signature, Roemers said.

“From 100 meters it is clear that it is an Audi, while at the same time it is electric,” he said.

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