With this practical laptop extension you can convert your laptop into a triple monitor setup

A foldable extension for your laptop: This gives you the space you've been missing.

A foldable extension for your laptop: This gives you the space you’ve been missing.

You may be familiar with this situation: you’re working on your laptop, but the screen just isn’t big enough to handle all your tasks at the same time. Teamgee has the solution for you: With the portable monitor you can expand your laptop many times over. The triple monitor setup for on the go is now available with a 57% discount on Amazon!

Upgrade to 3 displays now with this laptop extension on Amazon

Triple monitor setup for on the go

Whether it’s Excel tables and Powerpoint presentations or the Minecraft Wiki with YouTube in the browser – tasks for which you previously had to constantly switch between programs or even use your cell phone, you have enough space on your laptop with these foldable monitors.

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As a long-time user of multiple monitors, I understand the need for more screen real estate all too well. A mobile laptop extension like this is just right. This means you don’t just have the additional space at home, where you could also install external monitors. Instead, the two monitors can be used Simply fold it up and take it with you wherever you go, just like your laptop.

Teamgee portable monitors feature a 14-inch screen with 300 nits brightness, 72% NTSC color gamut, 1920×1080 resolution, and 1000:1 contrast ratio. This means you’ll experience a clear, crisp display with true-to-life colors and impressive contrast.

The extension was designed with usability in mind: it features a Built-in support base and stretchable mounting frameto give your laptop stability. A top holder and anti-pinch rubber mats protect your laptop from damage and provide additional comfort.

You may be wondering whether portable monitors fit your laptop. Don’t worry, they come in different sizes. Everything from 10 inches to 12 inches to 14 inches is included. This makes this extension compatible with the majority of laptops out there.

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No matter Windows, Mac (only for M1 Max & M1 Pro), Chrome, Android, Linux, Deck and Switch – these monitors are compatible with almost everything you can imagine. The best part is that you no driver needed. Whether you choose a USB-C, USB-A or HDMI connection, you can simply use plug-and-play to get started straight away.

Upgrade to 3 displays now with this laptop extension on Amazon

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