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With the Thought in Ukraine – a platform for all Romanians who want to help


The Gândul Media Network Trust launches Thinking of Ukraine – the platform that brings together the main initiatives and NGOs that actively support refugees in Ukraine or provide humanitarian support on the territory of Ukraine.

Recent events have mobilized us in a battle we did not expect. And yet, the spontaneous efforts of organizations, volunteers and Romanians, in general, do not go unnoticed, they are seen and felt. But I also saw people in disarray, people who want to help, but I don’t know how or where.

That is the purpose of the platform Thinking of Ukraineto give all Romanians the opportunity to get involved to help the organizations that have been present with Ukraine since February 24 and that welcomed the first waves of refugees at the border and continue to do so after almost a month.

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The platform is promoted in all Gândul Media Network publications – Gândul, ProSport, Descoperă, Go4IT, CSID, ProMotor, Cancan, Ciao, etc. – to direct as many of the readers of these publications as possible to support the initiatives listed on CuGandulLaUcraina.ro.

AJUT NOW is an appeal to all Romanians who want to get involved by donating money, food or non-food products, by volunteering or by donating blood.

The design of the platform and the content are provided by PB&J, the communication agency of the Gândul Media Network trust.

The idea of ​​Media Network has been developing brands in the Romanian press for more than 20 years and is in a continuous development, each time managing to successfully adapt to the needs of readers.

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Gândul Media Network is the only press group in the top 3 online press companies in Romania with 100% Romanian capital and includes the publications gandul.ro, cancan.ro, prosport.ro, promotor.ro, csid.ro, descubra.ro, go4it .ro, verdict.ro, ciao.ro, apropotv.ro, go4games.ro, raziculacrimi.ro and futuroulromaniei.ro.

With a diverse portfolio of products from sites to successful video products such as Marius Tuca Show, Prosport LIVE, Prosport NEWS and CSID LIVE, Grupul Gândul manages to cover a wide range of publishing interests that focus on the Romanian reader. the press. The content provided meets the highest editorial standards and provides a wide range of depth and analysis.

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