Cool! Balcony power plant 600W complete set for only 499€! Thanks to our voucher you save 170€ on premium solar systems

Buy a 600W balcony power plant complete set: Hardly anything else is so cheap!  Thanks to an exclusive voucher, this mini solar system lets you save twice: Once when you buy it and then annually on your electricity bill.

Buy a 600W balcony power plant complete set: Hardly anything else is so cheap! Thanks to an exclusive voucher, this mini solar system lets you save twice: Once when you buy it and then annually on your electricity bill.

We have a great Exclusive deal for you! GameStar Tech now has a great offer just for you that really packs a punch:

A balcony power plant 600W complete set with premium components for only €499 thanks to a voucher! You get a total of 760 watts of input power, a Hoymiles HM-600 inverter and two 380 watt solar modules from the renowned company JA Solar. And best of all: You even support German medium-sized companies, because the set will from a family business in SchrobenhausenBavaria, expelled.

How to get €170 discount with GameStar Tech:

  • Put the complete set in your shopping cart, optionally choose a Schuko plug cable for the socket (recommended), a WiFi electricity meter or attachments.
  • Then you have to click on “Continue”, where you will be forwarded to the checkout. There the whole 170€ will be deducted: instead of 669€ the set only costs you 499€! If that doesn’t work, enter the code “gamestartech”. You can also take advantage of the €170 discount several times – so with two sets it would be €340.
  • Enter the delivery address or the desired date for collection and complete the purchase

Click here for the €499 balcony power station set with a €170 discount

Balcony power plant 600W complete set with €170 voucher exclusively at GameStar TECH

A balcony power plant with 600W is bought once, registered and installed – and then saves you money every year. In the meantime, the mini solar systems can already be found on many balconies, on roofs, terraces and house walls, because the usefulness of such small systems has now been proven in practice: annual savings of 200 euros are quite realistic.

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When it comes to registration and installation, we recommend our large editorial with everything you need to know about balcony power plants:

Why is the offer so good?

Above all, two arguments make this offer so worthwhile: You get a powerful balcony power plant at an absolutely amazing price – that’s on top of that Tier 1 Manufacturers puts. This means that no no-name brands are used here, but rather the really big names in the solar scene. The inverter is the Hoymiles HM-600, one of the best and most reliablethat exist in terms of balcony power plants.

The solar modules come from the company “YES Solar“, which have also been in business for a long time. These are monocrystalline solar modules that rely on half-cell technology. In plain English, this means: These solar modules are also special extremely efficient in partial shadingso for example, when it’s cloudy. Since this type of weather is known to occur quite frequently in Germany, they are more efficient over the year than their polycrystalline counterparts.

Save €170 now with an exclusive coupon: balcony power station 600W complete set

5 reasons why a balcony power plant is worthwhile for you

  1. A balcony power plant saves you up to €200 a year (realistically)!
    Don’t you think? We can prove it! GameStar author Dennis Ziesecke planted a balcony power plant on his garage roof and reported the savings. His result: €200 a year is quite realistic.
  2. Buy once, save for years!
    A balcony power plant is nothing more than a small solar system. These mini power plants are basically nothing more than the large photovoltaic systems on the roofs of houses. It is an investment for years that will continue to save you energy costs every year into 2040.
  3. Your contribution to the energy transition: CO²-neutral and climate-friendly
    As is well known, the topic of energy transition is one of those things. Leaving aside political discussions, one can justifiably claim that environmentally friendly energy production is certainly something worth promoting. With a balcony power plant, almost every household – whether renter, owner or tiny house owner – can generate a little green energy.
  4. You can simply take mini solar systems with you when you move
    Whereas it rarely happens that you simply pack up and take the large solar system on the roof with you when you move, you can simply unplug your balcony power plant, unscrew it and attach it again at the new location. The whole thing is done within 10 minutes.
  5. Independent of electricity price increases
    I don’t know about you, but looking at the electricity bill or the current prices haven’t put me in a particularly good mood lately. A balcony power plant ensures that you have to buy less electricity from suppliers and are therefore less affected by energy prices. You’re a little more relaxed when the price per kW/h doubles.
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What else is there to know?

Basically, you have to register your balcony power plant before it is put into operation. This now works within a few minutes. The network operator must also be informed briefly to check whether your electricity meter is suitable.

With the offer itself, you can either pick up your balcony power plant yourself or have it sent to you (69€ shipping with forwarding agency). But even with shipping, the price is still well below the market average, especially considering the components.

Get your 600W balcony power plant at an unbeatable price thanks to a GameStar Tech voucher

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