With Solang and GameShift, Solana forges ahead with its development arsenal

Solana Labs provides developers two new tools. Solang allows them to use Soliditythe main programming language for Ethereum smart contracts. GameShift is designed for design from Web3 games.

Solana Labs has been pulling out all the stops in recent months to revitalize the Solana ecosystem. This includes developments around ChatGPT and artificial intelligence. It also includes the supply ofadditional development tools.

In this area, Solana’s publisher is adding to his arsenal. On the one hand, it strives to simplify application design and smart contracts. How can this be achieved? By linking up with the Ethereum standard.

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Solang to open up Solana to more developers

On Solana, developers can use Rust and C to write contracts. From now on, they will be able to do so with Soliditythe main programming language used for Ethereum smart contracts.

Solana Labs is delighted to announce that today you can now build on Solana with Solidity using Solang, a new compiler that helps bridge the gap between EVM developers and the Solana ecosystem,” he announces.

The editor’s reasoning is simple: a greater diversity of languages programming languages on Solana means greater accessibility for developers and potentially more contributors to its ecosystem.

We saw this last year with the creation and release of Seahorse, which lets you write Solana smart contracts in Python, the world’s most popular programming language,” explains Solana Labs.

Making game design easier with GameShift

Still on the development side, the publisher introduces a second tool: GameShift. This is a API for Web3 game developers. Its aim is to alleviate the main difficulties encountered by publishers when developing or porting games to the Web3.

GameShift builds the property layer for games, and will provide a one-stop shop for developers on Solana, helping them build faster and with more confidence,” details Tal Tchwella, Product Manager at Solana Labs

The development solution is not yet in general availability. The company has announced that it will be delivered “later this year”. In the meantime, game designers can access it via an early access program.

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With GameShiftSolana Labs promises to soon make available a complete stack of trusted third-party web3 components on Solana via a single API. The tool was presented at PlayGGThis week’s event brings together game publishers on Solana.

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