Is Vanmoof about to collapse?

The e-bike manufacturer Vanmoof has gotten into serious trouble in recent months.

The e-bike manufacturer Vanmoof has gotten into serious trouble in recent months.

In recent years, the Dutch company Vanmoof has often referred to itself as best financed e-bike company in the world.

However, the financing does not seem to have been all that good, because as the portal The Verge reports, Vanmoof applied to the court on Wednesday evening for a payment moratorium and the associated legal protection.

This is to ensure that the company remains capable of acting and not, at least in the short term bankrupt within a few days goes. Such a postponement can last for a period of up to 18 months in the Netherlands.

In addition, two administrators have been appointed by the district court in Amsterdam to find a solution to the financial difficulties. A sale of the company is also under discussion.

Vanmoof: Missing loan payments, closing stores, fleeing CEOs

The fact that Vanmoof would have to take legal action to avoid falling off the cliff in the shortest possible time was already indicated in the days and weeks before.

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Because, as the Dutch portal Het Financieele Dagblad reports, the e-bike manufacturer was no longer able to meet its loan obligations last week.

Specifically, it is about the interest payments that are due to private investors as part of the five million US dollar crowdfunding campaign between 2017 and 2019.

These are entitled to regular distributions – should Vanmoof not pay the missing interest within two weeks comply, the entire amount can even be claimed.

These events are also said to have led to Vanmoof temporarily closing its flagship store in order to Ensure the safety of employees in storesaccording to The Verge report.

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As the magazine Het Parool explains, shortly after the shop in Amsterdam closed on Wednesday, people gathered outside the gates to call in their e-bikes, which they had brought in for repairs weeks ago.

The Vanmoof store in Berlin is still open at the time the article is published.

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Who should lead Vanmoof out of this crisis?

As of now, there are fewer and fewer people who are actually in leading positions.

As the TechCrunch portal reports, CEO Gillian Tans, who was only appointed in May 2022, has already left the window; even the blog post about her appointment can no longer be found on the Vanmoof website.

According to the report, co-founder and co-CEO Taco Carlier is no longer referred to as a leader. Only his brother and co-founder Ties Carlier still seems to have corporate responsibility.

Do you have a Vanmoof e-bike or do you use another model? Which e-bikes can you recommend outside of the Dutch manufacturer? Let us know in the comments!

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