Christie’s and Gucci auction NFTs created by digital artists

Christie’s and Gucci together propose a collection from NFT designed thanks to theGenerative AI. From figures of thedigital art as Claire Silver and Tyler Hobbs participated in the project.

This Friday, London’s Christie’s has announced the forthcoming opening of a auction sale “entirely on-chain” and in partnership with the Italian house Gucci for a collection from non-fungible tokens featuring art and the fashion.

Named “ Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion “the collection includes 21 NFT imagined by famous digital artists such as Claire Silver, Tyler HobbsEmily Xie and Zach Lieberman.

By focusing on the interaction between autonomous systems and fashion, these digital artists create a fusion of disparate ecosystems by layering the industrial realm of garment design and production with the worlds of generative art and AI, which use algorithms, modeling and data to simulate the human,” Christie’s wrote.

Artists had access to the intellectual property of Gucci and were inspired in particular by its emblematic collection Bamboo 1947.

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The auction will open Tuesday, July 18 for a period of 7 days and will take place on the blockchain platform launched last year by the British firm. Participants will be able to bid in ethers.

” L’AI is sort of on a cultural fence right now in terms of dominant perception, and so it’s a big deal when these bastions of taste and art, like Gucciare ready to explore it. I’m optimistic that AI fashion will soon make sensation “said Claire Silver, one of the artists involved in the project, on Vogue Business.

Present on the Web3 for some time now, Gucci earlier this year forged an alliance with Yuga Labs, creator of BAYC. The two companies subsequently presented a first series of physical products linked to NFT.

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Christie’s and Gucci had already collaborated on a token-based initiative in spring 2021.

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