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With over 25 years of experience in the Romanian press, Adrian Artene, the editorial director of Grupul Gândul, launches the podcast ALTCEVA


A new podcast will be launched on the Romanian media market starting Saturday, March 26, hosted by Adrian Artene, the editorial director of the GÂNDUL press group. Entitled “SOMETHING ELSE WITH Adrian Artene”, the podcast will be available in its entirety on the YouTube channel Altceva cu Adrian Artene, every Saturday from 19.00.

““ Something else ”is not a conventional title, but a word that essentially means the mission of this podcast: to propose in a waste of podcasts, a product about prominent people who are part of the culture.

And if this podcast manages to turn at least one good person into an even better person, then I will consider that I have covered my mission.

Here will be restored “monuments” that depreciate in easy public rhetoric, penetrating words will be spoken, and my guests will be lights that pierce the darkness in which we often find ourselves. I believe we will build a community of ideas and judgmental people around this podcast. The community of people who want to train their minds and feed their souls. The community of normal people, who have not given up reading, who know how to listen to music with their hearts, not only with their ears, but also the community of those who extract answers from silence and enjoy a play like a Sunday. To those who believe that God created us to show kindness to others and to leave behind works of light. ”

Adrian Artene has been publishing in the national press since 1996. A quarter of a century of journalism. Of which – for a decade – he was a special reporter in the Investigation Department of the ZIUA newspaper.

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He polished his writing in the editorial offices of “România Libera” and “Jurnalul Național”, he was the editor-in-chief of the dailies “Averea” (rebranded “Click”), “Cancan” or “Național”, and today he is the editorial director of the Press Group. THOUGHT.

He coordinates, among others, “Gândul”, “ProSport”, “Cancan”, “Ciao”, “Promotor”, “Discover”, “ApropoTV” or “What happens doctor”.

He presented shows with a consistent audience on B1TV, Kanal D and Acasă TV.

A double degree in Journalism and Law, he also graduated with two master’s degrees in Theology and Criminal Sciences. He is the author of the book “State Mafia”, but also of the volumes of poems “Loves for which God also cried” and “The punctuation of love”.

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He is a member of the Union of Professional Journalists and, at the same time, of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. He has won numerous awards for the investigative press, as well as literary awards.

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