Chrome and Edge users will get 4K video scaling if they use Nvidia graphics accelerators

Nvidia is about to expand its RTX Video Super Resolution scaling feature to convert any video viewed in Chrome or Edge browsers to 4K resolution.

Soon, Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution technology will be available for any clip viewed with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, with PCs equipped with RTX 30-series and RTX 40-series graphics accelerators using artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance the perceived clarity and level of detail in images.

Although, results may vary from case to case, the new method for boosting image quality will be available from 360p resolution up to 1440p, helping even users using slower internet connections. More than just a sharpening algorithm, RTX Video Super Resolution also works on image smoothness, processing video clips up to 144Hz refresh rate.

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Although, not necessarily related to PC gaming, RTX Video Super Resolution technology comes as an extension of NVIDIA DLSS support, used to improve perceived image clarity in games. In both cases, the innovation is to get significantly improved image quality from a lower resolution source. All with the goal of strengthening consumer loyalty to Nvidia graphics acceleration solutions.

The new functionality could be enabled starting with Nvidia driver version 530.xx.

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