With Apple’s Magic Keyboard there is now a real premium keyboard cheap!

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a wireless keyboard with a sleek and minimalist design that focuses on functionality and ease of use in addition to aesthetics. It primarily serves as an input device for Mac computers and iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones. And you can already see why it deserves its name only 325€ Find out instead of the RRP of 369.00 euros.

Buy Magic Keyboard for 11 inch iPad

The Magic of Apple

The magic of the Magic Keyboard comes primarily from Apple’s scissor mechanism, the comfortable, responsive and precise inputs allows. In combination with the full-size key layout including the number pad, arrow keys and well-placed function keys, you have a particularly comfortable input experience here

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Another advantage is the long service life of the built-in battery. Depending on usage, it lasts about a month or more between loads. You can also conveniently charge the keyboard using a Lightning to USB cable. And although the device was designed with the iPad 11 in mind, you can use it with other devices that support Bluetooth and meet the additional requirements.

So you get an all-round successful keyboard that will make your everyday life on the tablet or computer more comfortable and will be a constant companion in your digital work. Although the price seems high, it is a worthwhile edition, especially for frequent users!

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To the offer at Media Markt

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