Coinbase CEO raises $40M for startup to slow aging

NewLimita biotech startup co-founded by boss of the American crypto exchange Coinbase and which aims to ” to cure aging “has just completed a round of financing from 40 million dollars.

This Tuesday, Techcrunch Reports that the age-related disease treatment startup NewLimit has collected 40 million dollars as part of a series A. The fundraising includes the participation of several major VCs including Dimension, Kleiner Perkins and Founders Fund.

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Co-founded in 2021 by the CEO-founder of Coinbase, Brian ArmstrongNewLimit and its team of experts in cell biology are developing “epigenetic reprogramming drugs,” according to its website.

The startup wants to enable people to live healthier, longer lives by epigenetically reprogramming human cells.

Interviewed by Techcrunch On the subject of billionaires’ interest in startups in this sector, Armstrong said:

If you’ve made money in software, it’s good to reinvest in society in a way that can help improve the human condition, and biotechnology research is one of those really important areas […] I think there’s actually a generation of tech billionaires – Sam Altman, Patrick Collison and others – who are putting real capital into some of these hard problems, and I think that should be celebrated,” he said.

At the helm of one of the world’s largest crypto-currency exchange platforms, Armstrong offered himself at the end of 2021 a villa worth 133 million dollars in Los Angeles. At that time, his fortune had been estimated at nearly 16 billion dollars.

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Recently, the executive announced the upcoming arrival of the lightning network on its platform. Coinbase is now engaged in a legal battle with the US regulator SEC.

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