Windows 12 could launch in 2024 –

Windows 12 could be launched next year, according to an Intel executive.

Intel CFO David Zinser recently said in an interview that next year will be exciting for Windows. “We actually think ’24 is going to be a pretty good year for the customer, particularly because of the refresh of Windows. And we still think the installed base is pretty old and needs a refresh, and we think next year could be the beginning of that, given the Windows catalyst. So we’re optimistic about how things will go from ’24,” he said.

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The renewal part of the statement could refer to a major update, but Windows Central reports that similar statements were made in 2021, when a new version of Windows was called a renewal. It hasn’t been that long since Microsoft launched Windows 11, but it could be that the company wants to pack many more features into Windows 12, such as AI integration.

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Windows 12 could launch in 2024

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