Wind and solar energy was used more than coal or gas in the EU in 2022 –

The future is here. For the first time, renewables outperformed fossil fuels as the EU’s main source of electricity. As noted in a report by the climate think tank Ember, wind and solar power are said to have accounted for more than a fifth of the EU’s electricity last year, beating gas or coal supply.

It should be said that this is both wind and solar together against just coal or gas, because when you combine both main categories of fossil fuels, they account for about 35% of total electricity generation.

As for what was the main source of electricity in the EU in 2022, that still falls under hydro and nuclear, which as a duo account for a little less than 35%, meaning that when you combine the fossil fuel categories, they are still the most used energy sources.

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Either way, it shows that renewables are becoming the norm, at least in the EU, and that 2023 will undoubtedly see an even better ratio of renewables to fossil fuels.

Wind and solar energy used more than coal or gas in EU by 2022

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